The Power of Words

Words have impact. It matters which words you use, how you put them together and when you use them. Words influence how people think, how they feel and what they do.

We use the right words to persuade others, to support your viewpoint and to provide you with solid strategic advice.

Analysis and Strategy

Are you uncertain about the best way to get your message to its audience or how the political cycle affects when and what you do? We can help you with analysis, public affairs advice or a lobby plan.


Persuasive Writing

White papers, position papers, fact sheets, articles, blog posts, letters, manifestos, pamphlets, petitions and more. If the point is to persuade someone of something, we can write it.

Persuasive Editing

Have you written something but realize that it is not as effective as it could be? We can rearrange your words. We take what you have written and edit it into a message that persuades better.

Workshops and Training

We help you or your organization learn more about persuasive writing, local government politics and processes, public affairs, public participation and more.


We can follow policy developments at all levels of Dutch government and at the EU and let you know what’s going on that is relevant for you, and what you should do about it, as often as you need it.


Bilingual Services

Dutch to English. English to Dutch. Both at the same time. Whether you need translation or the same document in both languages, we can help.

Who do we work for?

We work for those who want to change what happens, or what does not happen. That has included companies, NGOs, cooperatives, action groups, foundations and associations. 

What areas do we work in?

Most of our projects have been in the area where people meet the built environment. We work with subjects like green energy, the environment, sustainability, housing and mobility.

Why do we do this?

We believe that a better world is possible and we want to do our part to make it so. That’s why we gladly assist you with finding your way and making your message as convincing as possible. We believe that words have impact

Ivo Thonon

Ivo is a physical geographer who was waylaid by politics while doing his PhD at Utrecht University. He joined a political party, D66, and found the ebb and flow of power appealed to him more than the flows of water and mud.

He began his career as an environmental consultant and project manager at companies like Royal HaskoningDHV, Science Alliance and Rescan.

Eventually, he followed his heart and was elected to the Provincial Parliament of Utrecht, working on environmental and spatial issues. He then began to work full-time for D66 on local and regional party platforms and strengthening the party.

Through his work, he has become committed to sustainability and changes in our energy and mobility landscapes.

With Thonon Folz, he brings his understanding of the natural world and the political world together to bring about change.

Ivo speaks English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.

Harmony Folz

Harmony’s fascination with how people and societies change led her to majoring in Psychology and History of Science and Medicine at Yale University.

Experiences travelling, planting trees in the mountains of Western Canada, and teaching English in South Korea then showed her the environmental effects of our lifestyle. She became convinced that there must be a more sustainable way.

Looking for practical insight into the change process, she then did her MA in Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia.

Since then she has worked as a policy analyst supporting local government interests in British Columbia and as a teacher, writer, editor and translator in the Netherlands.

With Thonon Folz, she combines her interests in communication, behavioural and societal change, and sustainability.

Harmony speaks English and Dutch.

What Our Clients Say About us

Ivo and Harmony are tremendously involved and are always ready to support the project in word and deed.

Arjan Schamhart @ Vrijstad Windwinning Cooperative

From writing our participation plan to visiting local residents, from writing to party platform commissions to talking with city councillors and from asking for a development loan to arranging a community information evening: Thonon Folz does it so that we can focus on our board responsibilities.

Joost Brinkman @ Rijne Energie

Writing a report based on a survey which is followed by interviews is a quality that you possess. The final report that you presented on the quality of life in and around Zegveld in relation to the local energy transition has contributed to the ongoing discussion with various stakeholders on that subject. We look back with pleasure on a pleasant and professional cooperation.

Koen Hordijk @ Woerden Energie

Thonon Folz gave our wind project managers an online workshop on local lobbying. Even though it was online, this half day flew by thanks to the assignments and the good conversations we had with each other. Thanks to this workshop, they now have the tools to lobby for their cooperative sustainable energy projects.

Menno van der Woude @ Energie Samen South Holland

From knowing what is going on in the outside world to making it relevant for the organization to realizing effective action, Thonon Folz provides effective assistance to the NKC, Europe's largest motorhome association, in matters such as road tax based on usage and issues around emissions.

Niels van Haarlem @ NKC | Europe’s largest motorhome association

Thonon Folz helped us lay the foundation for a PR/PA approach, starting with defining our core message. They also managed to translate a report from CE Delft into a clear press release and get it to the right journalist for an article in Energeia. They also helped to present this report to the House of Representatives. As a by-catch, they managed to get an article in Trouw (a daily newspaper) and arrange a meeting with a Member of Parliament. Ivo Thonon listens carefully and continues to work stoically, calmly and professionally, even when things are storming around him.

Hemmo Hemmes @ NBKL (Dutch Association of Biomass Boiler Suppliers)

Thonon Folz provided us with pleasant and skilful assistance in lobbying for a Sport Campus for Utrecht East. A powerful joint position paper formed an important basis for the eventual recognition of the Campus in the new municipal development vision (2020).

Menno Hornman @ SportUtrecht

I hired Harmony for editing a comprehensive document describing the ROAD project and its status from various perspectives: strategic, financial, risk, organizational, etc. She impressed me by obtaining a good understanding of the project from all those angles very quickly. This enabled her to contribute significantly to structuring the text in such a way that the message came across best. This was more than I had hoped for, given the complexity of the document and the project. As I expected, the quality of her writing and editing was high. I will certainly hire her again.

Gerbert van der Weijde @ ROAD/Maasvlakte CCS Project

Ivo Thonon supported one of our customers in the port of Amsterdam in the permit process. It was a complex process with many stakeholders. By coordinating with the various stakeholders and keeping his keen eye on the phrasing of the application, the EIA notification memorandum and a large part of an environmental license application were written in such a way that they were accepted and processed. In addition, Ivo temporarily took over project management. The client was pleased with his flexibility, his presence on site and his work. We are very pleased that Ivo was able to strengthen our customer relationship in this way.

Jurgen van den Donker  @ Royal HaskoningDHV

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